Michael and Daniel from Munich invented Innellea in 2014 to accommodate their new sound. Both coming from other projects, they wanted to combine their talents and create something new. Influenced by melodic trends in the electronic music, they found their way to combine it with the roots of Techno in a very creative way and came up with their own abstract sound.

Rewarded by Groove Magazine’s readers as one of the best newcomers in 2017, they fulfilled listener’s expectations. Earlier this year they hit the nail on the head with their Fusion Set, showing the audience the re-invented sound of Innellea. Following requests for their DJ and live sets worldwide, Innellea released on several labels which were further spread by several DJs around the globe. Daniel’s and Michael’s ambition to provide perfectly mixed tracks and merger club sounds and intelligent music, catapulted them into the focus of the top league – and they are still only at the beginning of their journey.

The German duo is set to head to Australia for their debut tour which will include a set at the highly anticipated Chi Wow Wah Town festival just outside of Melbourne. With their pending visit Down Under, you can bet on it that the duo will spread their gospel to a whole new audience.

Balance Selections Q+A

Michael & Daniel




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My last 3 releases:

What music did you listen to as a child?
We both were and still are really open minded for all kinds of genres. We get a lot of inspiration for our own productions by listening to a wide range of music. We also try to adapt certain parts of different genres to our songs to create a unique style.

When was the first time that you realized that you liked electronic music?
D: I can’t really remember that specific moment when I got in touch with electronic music. It grew organically for me I guess.

M: I went to a Boys Noize concert with some friends back in the days which really blew my mind. I came back home and immediately decided to buy turntables, a mixer and ordered my first records.

When was the first time you saw a DJ in a club?
We hardly can remember a specific name. It was more about going to a club and we just were impressed by the music itself. Then we more and more got into the scene and started following DJs. The first idols came up. Gesaffelstein, Boys Noize, Justice, Caribou, Daniel Avery and Detroid Swindle just to mention some.

Which producers/artists/acts inspire you?
There are a lot of very good producers nowadays. So everyone who’s creating his unique style is a inspiration for us. But we’re also really inspired by well structured albums which tell stories and include different styles and influences.

What was the last album that you downloaded/bought?
We recently downloaded the Adriatique Album on Afterlife. It is really great!

What is your current production and DJ set up like?
In our studios we have quite a lot of hardware although we tend to use a lot of software as well. You can sometimes get much more out if just because it offers a lot of possibilities, but we can understand using hardware sometimes just to feel the machines themselves. When playing a DJ set we go for a normal CDJs set-up, when playing live we use Ableton, drum machines, a synth and some more gadgets and controllers.

What releases do you have on the horizon?
Thinking of our next EP we’re super happy for what’s about to come from our side. Besides that we did a remix for Tunnelvisions, which got quite rocky. Also there’s this remix for Bog which has been released on the new label TAU this week.

Where can we hear you perform?
Besides our residency in our home town munich, our schedule is getting more and more luckily. But over all we’re really looking forward to our first time in Australia. We’ve never been to down under and as we also heard only good things about Chi Wow Wah Town, we can’t wait!

Tell us more about the podcast you made for Balance?
We recorded it at home as we often love to do podcasts differently, especially regarding our music selection. Having in mind the listener’s surrounding which isn’t a club makes us think about mixing our music in another way.

Our Recommendations

The top track in my DJ wallet currently is:

If I could recommend only one of our tracks for you to listen to it would be:
Innellea – If Sarah Wouldn’t Cry

If I could recommend only one track for you to listen to it would be:

The last movie I watched that I really liked:

My favourite TV show:
Game Of Thrones, Stranger Things

If I could choose anyone to compile a Balance comp it would be:


1. Black Merlin - Totek and Tim
2. J.A.K.A.M. - Rebirth (Gilb’r Remix)
3. Yør Kultura - Cosmic Tribal
4. Ken Hayakawa - Sonic Wave (Whitesquare Remix)
5. Sobek - Stoned Romance
6. Kalyma - Rites
7. SBTH - 4W1R6
8. Love over Entropy - Ghosts
9. Qubica - Idoru
10. Benny T - The Spirit of Club Insanity
11. Santiago Garcia - Just Friends



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