DJ, producer, graphic artist and A&R manager for the Lauter Unfug label, the multi-talented Pascal Augner AKA Beatamines keeps himself busy. Constantly booked up with gigs, Beatamines colourful and melodic sound has helped him to reach the upper echelons of artists in Germany.

In 2016 Pascal started as A&R for the label Lauter Unfug which brought him directly to Luxembourg’s club, Studio 21, where he is a resident for with the `rememberthevibe` parties. In the past few months Pascal has been playing regularly at clubs such as WatergateKater Blau and Ritter Butzke Berlin.

This year he enters a decade of music as Beatamines, and to celebrate he has put together a selection of tracks that will find favour with many – and a timely reminder to keep taking your beatamines.

Balance Selections Q+A

Pascal Augner




Alias/Producer name:

Labels affiliated with:
Lauter Unfug, Einmusika Recordings, Somatic

My last 3 releases:

What music did you listen too as a child?

A lot of music was heard at our home. I listened to many different genres. It was important from an early age that the music I heard always had to convey a good feeling. A kind of soul must be present in every track for me. Very memorable for me were: Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd and Jean Michel Jarre.

When was the first time that you realized that you liked electronic music?
That was very early on aware that I would like electronic music! My grandfather heard a lot of music by Jean Michel Jarre in his car on our excursions. And the beautiful music by Schiller and Enigma inspired me a lot as well!

When was the first time you saw a DJ in a club?
That was around the beginning of 2000. When I was still on the road as a breakdancer. I remember it  was a party in a swimming pool. First floor was hip hop and funk, and next door was the house and minimal (electronic) floor. One of the members from our breakdance crew had often danced to house music and took me there where the legendary Whignomy Brothers played a really cool set! And I was very impressed by her selection of music and mixing skills.

Which producers/artists/acts inspire you?
Where should I start there *laughs*. There are many producers and bands out there that inspire me a lot. For example: Maceo Plex, he is a real producing hero to me! His tracks and remixes feel very real to me! And I really like him for getting everything out of the tracks. He is also very inspiring on stage. I like it when DJs / musicians are brave and dare to break new ground on the dancefloor.

What was the last album that you downloaded/bought?
Black Coffee ‘Peaces of Me’. Awesome Longplayer! I’m so in love with his vibe!

What is your current production and DJ set up like?
I’m using in the studio the best of both worlds (digital and analog). I think it’s important that you know where you want to go with your music and you should known your tools. I prefer for basslines, analog / mono synths. I love my Moog sub37. It’s a beast and can sounds really musical. On stage I’m playing a lot of hybrid sets. 3CDJ’s + 1 Synthesizer and 2 Drum Maschines. I like to remix / create new tracks live on stage.

What releases do you have on the horizon?
Since my new album “X” is on the market I have received a lot of remix requests and I’m working on that right now. I can already reveal a few names: Dapayk, Tocadisco, Matchy and The Micronaut.

Where can we hear you perform?
I would like to have a kind of residency. But in time this is currently not possible. Check my facebook page for my gigs. It’s always up-to-date!

Tell us more about the podcast you made for Balance?
I recorded the mix for Balance live in our garden. It was a really warm and sunny day. And I’m very happy that it worked on the first take. I do not want to highlight a single track, and I hope you like the colourful result.


My Recommendations

The top track in my DJ wallet currently is:

If I could recommend only one of my tracks for you to listen to it would be:

“Spark” from my new Album “X”.

If I could recommend only one track for you to listen to it would be: 

It Makes You Forget (Itgehane) by Peggy Gou. I’m always flashed when I listen to this record!

My favourite Balance compilation is:
The mix from Patrice Baumel

The last movie I watched that I really liked:
The Revenant with Leonardo DiCaprio

My favourite TV show:
The Simpsons

If I could choose anyone to compile a Balance comp it would be:
Tale of Us. I’m a big fan of their music and of course of their After Life imprint!

1. Joris Voorn – District Seven [Green]
2. HOSH, Grob – Jedi Fryhide]
3. Undercatt – Abissi [Diynamic]
4. Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar (Tale Of Us Renaissance Remix) [Renaissance Records]
5. Gesaffelstein – Control Movement [Lektroluv]
6. Butch – Countach (Kölsch Remix) [Cocoon Recordings]
7. munimuni & Seelenwald // 02 Missing Link (Kollektiv Turmstrasse Remix) [Stripped Down Records]
8. Beatamines – Spark [Lauter Unfug]
9. Maceo Plex, Maars – Mutant Disco feat. Maars [Correspondant]
10 Christian Nielsen – Together [Exploited Ghetto]
11 Teologen – Time To Get Lost In [Runemark Records]

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