Seven Villas label boss Pablo Bolívar has been releasing music for well over a decade. Taking his first steps toward the electronic music world shortly after his teacher at school played him a Jean Michel Jarre record, Pablo began studying sound engineering, and then went on to begin working in the field in 1998. As well as releasing a conglomerate of releases of his own, Bolívar has also drawn on his skills as an engineer to assist in producing a number of different musicians including Miyamoto and Maurice Aymard. Today Pablo is still frequently releasing his deep brand of music, new work includes his EP ‘Unsurfaced’ and LP ‘Traverse’ written with Sensual Physical.

Balance Selections Q+A

Pablo Bolivar





Alias/Producer name:
Pablo Bolivar, Pulshar, Mind Groove, Velmann

Labels affiliated with:
Seven Villas, Avantroots, Endless

My last 3 releases:

What music did you listen to as a child?

I remember my parents listening to Spanish music, soul and rock, my sisters grunge and pop, and me, for that time I was into metal like Metallica, Sepultura or Rage  Against  The  Machine, after that I discovered electronic music with Jean Michel  Jarre and Mike Oldfield.

When was the first time that you realized that you liked electronic music?
I had a tape of ‘Tubular Bells II’ [by Mike Oldfield] in school, I was listening to it on repeat for months, then my music teacher played ‘Rendez Vous’ by Jean Michel Jarre at class and spoke about the genre.

When was the first time you saw a DJ in a club?
I think the first club experience I had was at a festival in Santander, the fest was called Tanned Tin. It was located in a theatre with chairs, it was funny and weird been dancing there! I remember the DJ was An Der Beat and a live act of MASA (Christian Wunsch & Angel De Castro), and I really enjoyed it!

Which producers/artists/acts inspire you?
I’ve been very influenced by the dub/minimal techno of Maurice Vos Oswald with all his legacy of basic channel, rhythm & sound, chain reaction… by Gez Varley with his album ‘Beautiful’, Heiko Laux and Kanzleramt, Move D and his label Source Records, and other German labels as Playhouse, Perlon, Ongaku… Also I have some trance input from Shpongle and Simon Postford works. These days my main input is the nature, landscapes… Mother Earth.
What was the last album that you downloaded/bought?

I’ve received a demo from Ercos Blanka some weeks ago, a new artist from Italy, and I get totally shocked with it, what a fantastic piece of work, I love it and we will release it on Seven Villas in autumn. Check out the first track of the podcast :)

What is your current production and DJ set up like?
In the studio I use software and hardware as Prophet 6, Analog Rytm, Acces Virus, some Rolands synths, Dx7, iPad apps… for DJing I use CDJs and I like to bring some vinyl always.

What releases do you have on the horizon?
A remix for DJ Le Roi is coming out soon on Upon You, another remix on vinyl for Pronbugs on Bondage MusicKindisch Records will release ‘Edanna’ soon, and I will release ‘The Blue Collection’ a remastered compilation of my favourite deep house tracks on Seven Villas.

Where can we hear you perform?
I will be clossing Alkototabor Festival in Hungary with a five hour DJ set on the 8th of July, and also touring North and South America the rest of the month.

Tell us more about the podcast you made for Balance?
I mixed it with Ableton, selecting forthcoming tracks on Seven Villas by Ercos Blanka, Agatha Pher or the Hats & Klaps tracks, with some of my actual favourite tracks.

My Recommendations

The top track in my DJ wallet currently is

If I could recommend only one of my tracks for you to listen to it would be:

If I could recommend only one track for you to listen to it would be:

Hundreds!… for example “Laurent Garnier – Last tribute to the 20th century”
My favourite Balance compilation is:
Joris Voorn or Lee Burridge

The last movie I watched that I really liked:
Ready Player One

My favourite TV show:
West World

If I could choose anyone to compile a Balance comp it would be:

Ercos Blanka – You and her
Agatha Pher – Skinthings
Hats & Klaps -  Moments of truth
Pablo Bolivar – Davos
Helmut – Fur (Di Martinelli Remix)
Zagar – Parachute To Eternity (Changing Grey Remix)
Olaf Stuut – Crown Shyness
LK – Something Meaningless
Mr. Fingers – Inner Acid
TenGrams – A Week On Mars
John Vermont – Sand (Piek Remix)