He might not be as well known as some of his peers, but Oliver Schories is quietly becoming a star that might just outshine them all. With countless global shows and a discography which is increasingly getting longer, Schories’ appeal lies in his ability to deliver undeniably infectious tracks, and deliver bang-on sets every time he performs. His 2016 album Relatively Definitely was the perfect introduction into the German’s world; that is a world filled with lush melodies and tight productions. Last year he was also the first choice for Global Underground to reboot their famous Nubreed series, a job he completed with aplomb.

But there is no rest for the wicked and Schories just released Blitzbahn, his fifth studio album. And on the upcoming album we are promised ’13 expansive cuts that showcase his incredible knack for straddling that House/Techno mid-point with consummate ease’. Count us in.  To celebrate the release of ‘Blitzbahn’, we present you the latest Balance Selections mix from the man himself…


Balance Selections Q+A

Oliver Schories

Hamburg / Germany



Alias/Producer name:
Oliver Schories

Labels affiliated with:
SOSO / Parquet Recordings / Global Underground

My last 3 releases:

What music did you listen too as a child?
It started with tapes and vinyls from my father. Creedence Clearwater Revival and  The Beatles.

When was the first time that you realized that you liked electronic music?
It was 1992 and the album was called  ‘Experience’ by The Prodigy. I had never heard something like that before. That synth on ‘Weather Experience‘ still gives me goosebumps today.

When was the first time you saw a DJ in a club?
That was DJ Paddy in the local ‘club’ next to Bremen. I was 15 and he always played 1 hour RnB and then one hour house, and then back to RnB and kept that rhythm over the night. The moment he was starting with the first house record I was his deck shark.

Which producers/artists/acts inspire you?
There are of course a large number of great musicians that I really like but my largest inspiration for almost 2 decades now is without a doubt Stephan Bodzin, closely followed by Ludovico Einaudi and Chilly Gonzales.

What was the last album that you downloaded/bought?
That was ’Sensorimotor’ from Lusine. I love it. ‘Canopy‘ is such a great opener. So cool how the synth sneaks its way through over these 4 minutes.

What is your current production and DJ set up like?
To produce I use Cubase with a lot of VSTs and some carefully selected (analogue) outboard gear. At the the moment that’s a Sub37 and Dave Smith OB6.
For DJing , I worked my way through from vinyl over Timecode to CDJs over the years. I can pretty much play with everything, but with 4 CDJs I’m very happy nowadays.

What releases do you have on the horizon?
fter the album there will be 2 more important releases this year. One is the remix album of ‘Blitzbahn’ , probably out in mid-end M ay, and then my return to Global Underground with a new Single.

Where can we hear you perform?
For many years now I’ve released my ‘Seasonal’  mixes on Soundcloud, and for the last  4 years I’ve been touring once a year in Australia. For the rest of the time, you can find me in DJ Booths across Europe, mainly ; Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and  France.

Tell us more about the podcast you made for Balance?
The set is made, as basically all my podcasts, with Traktor. The big advantage for me is that I can do it on the couch and don’t need to stand in my studio on my decks. :) It’s the first recording. It’s always the first recording. It never gets perfect, also not on the second or third try.

My Recommendations


The top track in my DJ wallet currently is:


If I could recommend only one of my tracks for you to listen to it would be:


If I could recommend only one track for you to listen to it would be:

My favourite Balance compilation is:

The last movie I watched that I really liked:
“In the Fade“ with Diane Kruger

If I could choose anyone to compile a Balance comp it would be:
16Bit Lolitas


1. Black Light Smoke – Third Up [HFN]
2. Art of Tones – I Just (Can’t Get Over It) (Terence Parker rmx) [Local Talk]
3. Affi Koman – Textbook Frappucino [Posterboy]
4. Pablo Bolivar, Upercent – Leaves Without Shadows feat. Upercent (Youandewan rmx) [Seven Villas]
5. Mind Against – Days Gone [Afterlife]
6. Portable Sunsets – Straylight (Dave DK rmx) [Atomnation]
7. Oliver Schories – Ohm [SOSO]
8. Gorge – Depth of Silence [Alaris]
9. Jacek Sienkiewicz – SU17 [Pets]
10. youANDme, Ingrid Arthur – Pattern of Greed (Jonathan Kaspar rmx) [Poker Flat]

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