Cocoon ibiza ilario alicante alejandro mosso

Review: Cocoon In the mix – Ilario Alicante and Alejandro Mosso

Whenever I see the name Cocoon, images of Sven Vath’s weathered face appears in my mind, t-shirt firmly wrapped around his head. The type of music that accompanies this imagery is one of warped and wonky, fun-filled techno; dance floor music. This is what this mix is all about.

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guy j hernan cattaneo

Review: The Gallery pres Superparallel with Hernan Cattaneo & Guy J

Date: Friday 16th August, 2013
Location: South London Apartment
Time: 23:30
I bounce out of bed after having a quick ninety minute disco nap. The kind of disco nap I’ve… Read More

Saiz album cover

Henry Saiz – Reality is for those who are not strong enough to confront their dreams.

Every once and a while you come across an artist that speaks to you. It often happens when you are young, when you are innocent, naive, hopeful and curious. As we get older, tired and more jaded it seems to happen less frequently; but when it does, it invokes those very same feelings of wonderment and excitement.

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